Marriage can be an exciting milestone. It’s a time for looking ahead and it’s a time to talk about how your financial plans may change.

Toasting Financial Freedom together

As your wedding plans are coming together, you’ll face added expenses and may have an opportunity to begin to talk about shared financial goals.

Once you’re married you may choose to manage money differently, and your idea of Financial Freedom may change.

How we can help

We can help you manage your finances as a couple, so financial decisions can be easier. You may want to consider:

  • How marriage can affect your idea of Financial Freedom in the short, medium and long terms
  • Any investments and whether changes are needed
  • Your insurance cover needs, such as income protection, death and total and permanent disability (TDP) — and whether they will be adequate for both of you
  • Your wills and how to make sure they’re valid and up-to-date – we can work with your lawyer or put you in touch with one.

Start on your path to freedom — Find out how we can help.

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