Starting a family or increasing the size of your existing family brings much happiness, as well as added expenses. What’s more, your household income can decrease if one of you takes time off work.

Thinking ahead

A new baby means surprise, anticipation, awe – and some major financial changes.

Your plans for financial freedom can be affected by changes in your family. It’s important to consider the longer-term impacts and to plan for the future of your growing family. This may give you some peace of mind, and leave you free to prepare for the happy arrival.

How we can help

We can help you understand the financial ins and outs of growing your family:

  • The costs of raising children—including costs of child care and education
  • Changes to your household income and the impacts on your plans for Financial Freedom
  • How you can meet ongoing expenses and while setting a path to help your children’s financial future
  • Your insurance cover needs, such as income protection, death and total and permanent disability (TDP) — and whether they will be adequate for you and your family.

Find out how we can help you reach your idea of Financial Freedom.

Look after my family

Planning your future